Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009 COAST Fundraiser

Support COAST and bring a friend!

February 19, 2009

6:00 - 8:00pm
Montgomery Inn
9440 Montgomery Rd
Montgomery OH 45242

John Kasich is a popular public speaker, businessman, Fox News Channel commentator and frequent guest-host for the "O'Reilly Factor." John's ability to communicate powerfully and effectively means he is in high demand to speak to national organizations and corporations throughout the country.

Hard-working and aggressive, Kasich has been in politics most of his adult life. The son of a mail carrier who grew up in Pennsylvania, Kasich went to work after college as an administrative aide to Ohio State Senator Donald Lukens, a position he held from 1975 to 1977.

In 1978, at the age of 26, Kasich undertook a campaign of his own and won election as a Democratic state senator. In 1982, he ran for the House as a Republican and won.

In the House, Kasich was appointed to the Budget Committee, where he has built a reputation as an attacker of bloated government and a supporter of strong efforts to reduce the nation's deficit. National Journal once described him as "one of the most innovative and daring budget-meisters in Congress."

State Auditor Mary Taylor is one of three women appointed to represent the United States as a delegate to the 52nd United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

She is currently a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) where she serves as a member-at-large for the AICPA Council (term ending 2010). She is also a member of the Ohio Society of CPAs, the Ohio Government Finance Officers Association and the Association of Government Accountants.

During Taylor's service in the state legislature, she received the Watchdog of the Treasury Award and the 2006 National Federation of Independent Business Guardian of Small Business Award. Taylor is a 2003 graduate of the Bowhay Institute for Legislative Leadership Development, a program offered by the Midwestern Office of The Council of State Governments. In addition, Taylor was an adjunct professor at Walsh University where she taught accounting.

We are honored to have The Honorable Mary Taylor as our Special Guest for this event. The solicitation for funds is being made only by COAST. In accordance with Ohio law, The Honorable Mary Taylor is not soliciting contributions from any person or business in conjunction with this event.

Kimberly & Mark Ayer

Phil & Rebecca Heimlich

Donald Bock

Theodore & Peggy Hubbard

William & Joann Brayshaw

E. Paul Naberhaus

Thomas E. Brinkman, Jr.

Daniel & Kellie Peters

Piotr Chomczynski

John Rabenold

Christopher & Diane Finney

Daniel Regenold

Jason Gloyd

Durk Rorie

Hon. Robert Goering

Brian Shrive

Curt C. Hartman

Alex Triantafilou

Hon. Greg Hartmann

Michael Valentine

Tom & Dianne Weidman

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  1. How could you guys pick an anti-gun/anti-2nd amendment neocon like John Kasich who did not stand up for the Bill of Rights while he was in Congress? (Please do not invite Boob Taft or George Rinovich either)

    By the way, why couldn't you invite Steve Chabot who is way more creditable. Chabot has rock star status among all freedom loving Republicans.

  2. Treason,
    We're still looking for the perfect conservative. Pickings have been pretty slim lately.

    Steve is certainly an all time favorite, and he is invited. But he's headlined many events for COAST, and we need to get to know some of the others in the movement too.

    Kasich is a pretty solid fiscal conservative. He needs some work on RKBA, but he's not so far in left field that we should write him off. At the event, I will certainly be reminding him that this is not a side-issue for real conservatives. You might want to come and do the same. The more he sees how important it is to his future, the more likely he is to fall the rest of the way into our camp.

    You're unlikely to see Taft or Rinovich at any COAST function. We like to keep our food down.

  3. COAST is an organization that exists to hold the line on taxes and spending. It's not a 2nd Amendment group. Since Kasich did an excellent job in taking our country from annual deficits to several years of surpluses, he's more than appropriate for COAST to invite.

  4. Jeff,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I'm sorry that I may have mistaken the COAST group as hosting constitutional conservatives who strive to support the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution.

    The 4th amendment dealing with property rights and 'fiscal' matters is also part of the Bill of Rights. Your money is your property. It does not belong to the feds.

    But, do you say that our group should selectively discard any amendment from the US Constitution that it sees fit?

    Isn't this why our country finds itself in the sorry shape that's it's in now?

    Mark has the right idea about trying to reform RINOs; but, that still remains to be seen. He is also correct in our attending the function and reminding Kasich of the RKBA.

    Even as being a very likeable neocon, let's hope John now understands the grave issues facing us.

    I wonder if it will matter to a guy who might have been fed too much pablum from Ohio's liberal Democrats before he switched parties?

    That said, I really hope that I'm wrong about these assumtions.

    I'll see you at the fund raiser on the 19th.


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