Sunday, February 1, 2009

Toledo Red Light Camera Repeal Campaign Heats Up in the Cold Winter

The campaign to ban red light and speeding cameras in Toledo got an organizational boost this week with the announcement of two co-chairs of the campaign, and the launch of a web site where volunteers can get information and even download petitions in their home.

The Toledo campaign, known as WeDemandAVote.Com/Toledo, named as its campaign co-chairmen:

Atty Watkins
(419) 509-9171

Hans G. Schnapp
(419) 944-3067

The group also announced the launch of its web site: www.WeDemandAVote.Com/Toledo. There, red light camera information can be accessed, petitions and instruction sheets can be down-loaded and printed at home, and contact information can be found.

A further organizational meeting of the group will be held on Thursday, February 5, 2009 at 7 PM at Delaney’s Lounge, 309 West Alexis, Toledo, Ohio 43612. Call Bill Delaney at 419-654-4251 or e-mail him at Bar-Buddies@Juno.Com for more information on the meeting or to get your copies of petitions. Delaney’s Lounge is also the official pick-up and drop-off location for petitions.

The WeDemandAVote.Com/Toledo campaign has been formed to place on the fall ballot a Charter Amendment to effectively ban red light and speeding cameras in the City of Toledo. Currently, the City of Toledo splits revenues with the operator of the private camera company, RedFlex, and plans to extract more than $3.5 million in red light and speeding camera fines from already-beleaguered Toledo residents in 2009.

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