Friday, February 13, 2009

COAST/Kasich Fundraiser Gains Momentum

Bi-partisan Political Stars Sign-on as Co-Hosts

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Former Congressman and Fox News Commentator John Kasich

The COAST 2009 fundraiser featuring former Congressman and Fox News Commentator John Kasich is gaining momentum as the February 19 date approaches, with new sponsors getting behind the event. COAST is hosting its annual fundraiser with Republican Super-Star, Congressman John Kasich, at the Montgomery Inn in Montgomery on Thursday, February 19 from 6-8 PM.

State Auditor Mary Taylor will be join us at this event to introduce John Kasich. Together, Congressman Kasich and State Auditor Mary Taylor, along with Rob Portman, are the star team who will help us make Ohio competitive for attracting families and jobs in our tax structure and fiscal discipline.

State Auditor Mary Taylor

Also joining us that evening as a special guest will be Dr. Brad Wenstrup, Major, United States Army Reserve; Medical Service Corps. Dr. Wenstrup is an Iraq war veteran who is a rising star in the local Republican party.

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Former Congressman Steve Chabot
Former State Representative “Taxkiller” Thomas E. Brinkman, Jr.
Sycamore Township Trustee Thomas Weidman
And although former Congressman Rob Portman can’t join us,
he will be sending his wife, Jane, to promote his U.S. Senate campaign

Always entertaining and enlightening, this COAST event will be a raucous celebration of the revolution brewing in this state and nation against out of control taxes and spending, and threat of our nation’s rapid transformation into a socialist, command economy. COAST has had a resurgence over the past 24 months, an advance even more pronounced since the liberal victories in November.

The only way we can counter this breathtaking descent into unprecedented levels of taxes and spending is urgently to unite and fight!

Join COAST and these political stars of our community in promoting the cause of limited government and lower taxes.
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We are honored to have The Honorable Mary Taylor as our Special Guest for this event. The solicitation for funds is being made only by COAST. In accordance with Ohio law, The Honorable Mary Taylor is not soliciting contributions from any person or business in conjunction with this event.

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