Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winburn, Smitherman hold Council hearing on Streetcar budget and financing issues

Hearing at 2 PM in City Council Chambers

Today at 2 PM, Cincinnati City Council members Charlie Winburn and Christopher Smitherman have called for a special session of Council to discuss Streetcar budget and financing issues, forcing the administration to answer questions they have avoided to date, such as: 
  • How the Administration intends to address more than $30 million of potential utility relocation cost overruns.
  • Whether the Administration actually intends to build the Streetcar on top of existing utility lines, an engineering disaster in the works.
  • How the City is going to fund increasing costs on acquisition of the Streetcars, which are coming in well over budget.
  • How the City is going to fund right-of-way acquisition.
  • Why is the project already behind schedule?
Mayor Mallory has been working overtime behind the scenes to get Winburn and Smitherman to cancel the hearing.  Those efforts have not worked.

Please call or e-mail Charlie Winburn at 352-5354 and Christopher Smitherman at 352-3464 to thank them for holding firm in demanding Streetcar answers.  Or better yet, come to Council Chambers and demand answers in person. 

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