Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What we have is a failure to discern, prioritize

Cincinnati City Council is fiddling with $150 million Streetcar project, a $4.4 million project to put a glass lid on City Hall, and $1.5 million in annual subsidy for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, all while Rome burns.

The Enquirer here points out one of the more visible indicators of the decay.



  1. You mean like the 2012 budget's $100,000 increase to the "Wall Stabilization and Landslide Correction" program, a 10% increase, bringing it to $1.1 Million?

  2. They're obviously not spending much on fixing the actual problem. It's more important to build a streetcar or $4 million atrium.

  3. Coleman,

    My car needs to be washed. You better get over here and take care of it while the weather is nice. Chop chop!


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