Sunday, January 8, 2012

George Will indicts policy of D.C. to remake economy; redistribute wealth

 He's exactly right, as usual.


  1. About as "exactly right" as his last piece, a white-wash of Rick Santorum, a big government conservative who feels that the government's power should be used to outlaw homosexuality, non-theism, and many other things that are "unfavorable" in Rick Santorum's worldview.

  2. Coleman your point is nonsense. This article didn't address the topic of your obsession, homosexuality.

    The article addressed the redistribution of wealth, and how it often is resulting in redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the rich. It's a serious topic that deserves a better response than ranting about gays.

  3. You obviously are illiterate. You cannot even understand my post.

  4. Coleman, you can't even read the topic of the article, nevermind understand it. It's easier to rant about homosexuality.


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