Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Smoke signals from the primaries

Romney? Paul? Santorum?

The Iowa and New Hampshire fight for the Republican nomination has been fascinating to watch, and certainty tens of millions of dollars have been spent and tens of thousands of volunteer hours have been expended choosing a nominee to date, but what political message are we to take from all of this?

First, the candidates continue to fight for the mantle of most conservative on fiscal matters.  Thus, the Tea Party message continues to resound.  We know from history that getting politicians to govern as fiscal conservatives is entirely another challenge, but the Republican mandate is crystal clear.

Second, we consistently hear a yearning among Republican voters for the chance to coalesce around a nominee to defeat President Obama and lead a ticket that will also capture the U.S. Senate and hold the U.S. House of Representatives. 

So, let the battle proceed, let a R3VOLution rein, but let us keep our eye on the prize in November.


  1. Ron Paul is the only Repunlican worth supporting and the true founder of the Tea Party movement. All the rest are posers.

  2. Every single remaining GOP candidate is light years better than Obama. We need to support the nominee in November to stop 4 more years of Obama.

  3. Sorry, no way. I'll vote for whoever the Libretarian candidate is. The other GOP candidates are just as corrupt and irresponsible as the democrats.

  4. Sanchito is a shining example of why people despise Ron Paul supporters, a feeling which carries over to the candidate himself. Ron Paul and especially his supporters are his campaign's worst enemy.

  5. At least we stand up for something and believe in our candidate. We're not willing to compromise for the same old, typical Republican. People with attitudes like the anonymous posters are the reasons why the Romneys, Bushes and Doles of the world get nominations.


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