Monday, January 30, 2012

Doc Thompson will be missed

John Kieswetter of the Enquirer reported this weekend that WLW recently fired morning talk show host Doc Thompson.  COAST wants to salute the departing Doc, as he provided a wonderful outlet for the conservative voice in Cincinnati.  He also seemed like a heck of a good guy.

He will be sorely missed.


  1. Doc Thompson will be missed. He is a true conservative ally and helped us educate the public on many issues. I, personally, appreciated his help in exposing the misinformation and waste perpetuated by school districts. I had the privilege to be on his program many times. As with Darryl Parks, his mantra was, "if you vote for a school levy, you're stupid."

  2. Clear Channel finally sees the writing on the wall -- conservatism as a political movement, and as an entertainment vehicle, has runs its course.

    "Follow the money, sonny," said the carnival boss.

    The freak-show is closed, due to lack of customers.


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