Monday, January 30, 2012

Hopelessly corrupt Schmidt targeted for defeat by Super PAC

Our local embarrassment, 
Jean Schmidt
A well-funded Super PAC appears to have targeted local Congressman Jean Schmidt for defeat in March's Republican primary election, the Enquirer reports this morning. Schmidt's only serious opponent in the primary is COAST-endorsed, Iraqi War veteran Dr. Brad Wenstrup.

The group known as Campaign for Primary Accountability indicates that their polling of the district shows that Schmidt is one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the nation, and it is not a surprise given how poorly she has performed as a Congressman:
  1. She voted this past session with President Barack Obama to raise the debt ceiling;
  2. She voted to bail out Wall Street with hundreds of billions of tax dollars with the Troubled Asset Relief Program.
  3. She is hopelessly corrupt, having been found by the House Ethics Committee to have accepted an impermissible ~$500,000 gift.
  4. She voted to raise the gasoline tax 27%. 
  5. She was found by the Ohio Elections Commission to have lied multiple times, claiming a college degree she did not have and two endorsements she did not have.
The Campaign for Primary Accountability calls Schmidt "out of step with her conservative southwest Ohio district."  No kidding.

This development will mean that the fundraising advantage that incumbents enjoy will be "leveled" and that Dr. Wenstrup's challenge to Mrs. Schmidt just became more serious.

Read the entire CPA press release here.

To help Dr. Wenstrup's campaign, click here.

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