Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pickerington Rethinks Red Light Cameras

"Councilman Brian Wisniewski, who has opposed them from the start, said crash data show there is no need for the cameras. In 2008, there were 102 crashes on Rt. 256 at four intersections -- including the I-70 interchange -- with five of them caused by running a red light, Wisniewski said. All but one of those accidents occurred at I-70, where the Ohio Department of Transportation will not allow the city to install a camera."

After voting to install cameras along their main drag, Pickerington's City Council has now dropped the discussion. See full article in The Columbus Dispatch. It's refreshing to see they're dealing with the issue on the basis of public safety, and not as a band-aid for reckless overspending.

Last year, Cincinnati's coalition petitioned to put a charter amendment on the ballot to prohibit the city from using them to detect traffic violations unless an officer is present. Voters approved it overwhelmingly.

Similar efforts to remove red-light cameras are underway in Toledo and Chillicothe.

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  1. Good job COAST. You've set a good example for other Ohio communities to follow.


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