Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mad Hatter at the Tea Party

A crowd of 5,000 gathered at Fountain Square to protest the radical reconfiguration of our nation from a capitalist republic to a socialist democracy. Notable speakers detailed the folly of this from the podium while families and children listened peacefully.

But in a scene straight out of a looking glass, a mad hatter appeared at this tea party. A lone counter-protester is shown in the slideshow above decked-out in an Obama hat, waving an Obama banner, proclaiming the gospel of Obama in an effort to shout down the throng.

An enterprising bystander quickly wrote "Crazy Lady" with a downward arrow on the blank back of his sign, and hoisted it above her wherever she went. He thought it was funny, and the crowd clearly did too. But she was definitely not amused and got a bit belligerent. Cincinnati police covering the event diffused the situation solely by their presence. No action was required.


  1. This crazy woman had the class and intellect of the typical Obama supporter. Along with the people on the tape, I also enjoyed getting a rise out of her. She must be really dumb (like a typical Obama supporter) to crash a rally and not expect to get hazed in return.

  2. Actually Anonymous, the joke's on you.

    Do you think it was a coincidence that she arrived on exactly the same street corner at exactly the same time as the only TV news crew that "felt uncomfortable covering the event"? She's a regular at this.

    "Crazy Lady" was there for the sole purpose of provoking you to haze her. They needed to stage an embarrassing moment for the news. Apparently it wasn't embarrassing enough, or the camera crew would have taped it.

    Next time be uncommonly polite, thank her for coming out to support us with her presence, and let the voices inside her head do all the talking.


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