Monday, March 2, 2009

COAST 2009 Fundraiser a Barn-Burner

Conservatives rally against liberal tax-and-spend policies

The COAST 2009 fundraiser featuring former Congressman John Kasich and State Auditor Mary Taylor drew more than 263 attendees, COAST’s largest event to date. There, they heard a compelling message from Kasich, imploring the Party back to its roots of limited government and lower taxes.

The COAST event drew Republicans and Democrats, black and white, male and female, all appalled at the direction our nation, state and region have taken in advancing policies of unrestrained tax-and-spend socialism.

COAST thanks Congressman Kasich, State Auditor Mary Taylor, other speakers Dr. Brad Wenstrup, Jane Portman, and Sandy O’Brien, its sponsors, and the hundreds of attendees for making this event a financial and political success.

Proceeds will be used for COAST’s 2009 operations, including supporting the Trolley petition drive, the effort to take the red light camera ban throughout Ohio, and the dissolution of Amelia featured in this edition of the newsletter, as well as supporting candidates who faithfully adopt a limited government agenda.

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  1. I've been in a huge downward spiralling funk over the direction of the nation, state and S.W. Ohio for some time. After attending this event (my 1st COAST event), I came away believing that right may actually someday prevail over wrong, but it ain't gonna be easy.


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