Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Franklin Schools Superintendent Retires

COAST Claims Another Scalp!

Arnol Elam, known to COASTers as the man who conscripted the students of Franklin City Schools into indentured political servitude when he sent a note home to parents attacking Governor Kasich. The letter was written by a Franklin School's paid flak (Elam later agreed to make restitution for that amount).

We are thrilled to report that Elam announced his resignation yesterday. COAST is proud to be the sworn enemy of puffed up bureaucrats throughout the region. We hope Mr. Elam's early retirement is a lesson to all would be abusers of the public trust. COAST is watching and COAST will not relent.

Follow the law, or find a new job!

Dayton Daily News has the story - including a bit on the illegal use of public resources for political purposes - here.

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