Saturday, March 9, 2013

Suburbs to Subsidize Parking Privatization...

The Urban Progressors - Streetcar Sycophants, etc. - love to howl whenever a person from Anderson or Green Township speaks out against the latest Cincinnati Boondoggle; shouting "you don't live in the city you don't get to have an opinion..." But, when it comes time to pay for these horrible ideas, the bill never stops at the city limits.

Take, for instance, the privatization of the parking meters. We all understand that non-city residents will be hit with the additional cost of parking downtown and in the city's neighborhoods (we've actually met people who live in Kenwood that shop in Hyde Park for instance). Ultimately, the market will take care of itself on that. People will make private decisions about whether or not to live, shop and play within the borders of Cincinnati (to the detriment of Cincinnati businesses).

However, not every cost of the parking meter privatization will be paid at the meter. Hamilton County Auditor, Dusty Rhodes, has indicated that the parking meters, once in private hands, will have to be tested periodically by the County Auditor. The cost of these tests are not paid by the operator or owner of the meters, but are paid by the people of Hamilton County

Mayor Mallory, Roxanne Qualls and Chris Seelbach, not content with picking the pockets of those foolish enough to live, work or play within the city limits of Cincinnati, now reach out to the suburbs to cover they cost of their bad decisions.

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