Saturday, March 2, 2013

Contact Chris Seelbach Today

The Enquirer reports that Wendell Young intends to Sell Out Cincinnati by voting in support of the plan to lease out city owned parking facilities.

Young joins the rogues' gallery of Roxanne Qualls, Cecil Thomas, Laure Quinlivan and Yvette Simpson. For these five it would seem that the city consists solely of the proposed route of the Streetcar Boondoggle.

Standing opposed to selling off City assets are Christopher Smitherman, Charlie Winburn and P.G. Sittenfeld.

The wild card is Chris Seelbach. He is now pursuing his "Plan S" and is playing his vote close to the vest. His vote will likely decide if the people of Cincinnati can have a voice on the parking plan.

The Budget Committee is expected to take up the issue on Monday and forward it to the full council for a vote next Wednesday.

Contact Chris Seelbach today to let him know you oppose the plan and that this should not be passed as an "emergency measure."

Email him at or call his office at City Hall 352-5210.

Please also take a moment to thank and encourage Smitherman, Winburn and Sittenfeld by emailing them at and or email all three at once using this link.

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