Wednesday, March 7, 2012

There is a message in all of this to Speaker John Boehner

Dear John Boehner:

Wake up, our friend. The last time the Republicans took the House, they blew it. It still took a dozen years for the Republicans to lose control, but they blew it almost immediately. And they blew it in two primary ways:

1) First, they squandered their inheritance, and refused to rein in taxes and spending, and frankly to implement a single prong of the conservative agenda.

2) Second, corruption consumed the House, with members enjoying the perks and privileges more than doing their job.

From what we have seen, Speaker Boehner, it took you and your team less than a year to fall into the same old habits. You see, it does not appear you and the Republican majority can be trusted with power.

So, you do what we elected you to do, or you lose the power you have been given.

It is your choice.

But rest assured that the defeat of your girl, Mean Jean Schmidt, is a warning shot across the bow. You can heed the warning to your benefit, or ignore it to your peril. The voters have spoken. Loudly.

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