Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not enough can be said for the Campaign for Primary Accountability (and a few others)

Running as a non-incumbent for the United States Congress is truly an almost impossible task.

Make no mistake at all. Brad Wenstrup is a stellar candidate, a medical doctor with military experience, good looks, and a likeable personality. He had everything and more you could want from a challenger.

But to beat an incumbent member of the US Congress, you need more. Much more.

Fortunately, we had that.

The Campaign for Primary Accountability invested money in this race, and their message was sharp, focused and creative. They, more than any outside force, had the greatest impact on this race, and for that we are deeply appreciative.

But most of all, we need to thank the voters for their wisdom in putting the Second Congressional District of Ohio out of its seven-year nightmare with Jean Schmidt as our Congressman. Thanks to you, we can once again be proud of our representation in D.C. like we were with Bill Gradison and Rob Portman.

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