Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mahogany's owner turns her self in; arrested

We hate to pat ourselves on the back for this one, but when we endorsed Christopher Smitherman for City Council in 2011, we had no idea he would stand quite as he has on this one  -- perceptive, prescient and principled.

It made no sense from Day #1 to loan $1 million of City monies to a couple who have a $49,000 federal tax lien, but this crazy Council voted to do just that.

Then, yesterday, WXIX reported that there was a warrant out for the arrest for one of the owners for non-payment of another judgment.  The warrant was issued by Judge Fanon Rucker.

Here, the Enquirer reports that Liz Rogers has turned herself in to the Butler County Sheriff, and was released on bond.

Council is still standing behind the $1 million loan.


  1. It's clear Mark Mallory and the city administration are incapable of doing any level of basic research, and their yes-men on City Council can't do their jobs either.

  2. Did you hear Rogres on Lincoln ware's show? She took the same tact that City Council has taken. Ignore the facts and they will go away.

  3. TRUTH RULES, Ultimately, do we truly KNOW who has the POWER? Stay tuned and we’ll ALL see…!


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