Thursday, March 8, 2012

Schmidt defeat media wrap (it appears incumbents are an endangered species)

  • UC News Record is here.  "Wenstrup pulls upset in GOP bid"  Pretty good analysis. 
  • Huff Po is here.  Campaign for Primary Accountability Super PAC Targets Incumbents, Takes Out Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt
  • Time is here.  House Primary Upset in Ohio: Signs of a Weak GOP Majority? 
  • ONN is here:  Second District Shake-Up 
  • UPI is here. Group targets congressional incumbents 
  • Reason is here:  Who Will Save the Poor Incumbents From the Super PAC Onslaught? 
  • Slate is here: The Men Who Stare At Incumbents, and Then Try to Beat Them 
  • Newsmax is here:  New Super PAC Targets House Incumbents From Both Parties 
  • Common Sense is here: Quietly, Stunning 
  • Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog is here:  Crazy Jean Schmidt Loses (ya might want to be careful, Bob.  Might get sued for defamation if you can't prove she is crazy!).

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