Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sunday Voting Effort Needs Your Help!

Stop Liberal Democrats From Stealing the Election

COASTers should be afraid.  Very afraid.  Liberal Democrat Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has pushed through a plan by big-city Democrats to expand Ohio's voting hours at the Boards of Elections in select Democrat controlled Counties.  Hamilton County is one of those locations. 

Beginning this week, the Hamilton County Board of Elections will be open for early voting on Sunday, thanks to an unprecedented partisan ruling by Jennifer Brunner.  The Democrats in Ohio are obviously trying to recreate the havoc of the 2008 elections, where accusations of voter fraud due to early voting ran rampant.

To counter this bald-faced attempt to influence our elections, Hamilton County Republicans are holding a
Sunday voting rally downtown.  Conservative voters from across the County are being asked to join Steve Chabot at 11:00 am on Sunday morning for a rally and a march to the Board of Elections.  Those interested in protecting the integrity of our election system and promoting Conservative values can join together at the Verdin Bell Center (444 Reading Road) at 11:00 am Sunday morning.  Please rsvp by contacting the Chabot for Congress office at (513)481-9998. 

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2010-10-14 10:11am UPDATE:
One COASTER wrote in with a very good question that bears repeating.
Q. Please tell me how expanding voting hours influences the election? How does it hijack the election?  I don't sense many Democrats will be coming out to vote this cycle.
A. The answer is that this is not being done evenly in every county. Only counties with high concentrations of Democrat voters are expanding voting hours. More opportunities for Democrats to vote than for Republicans can sway the election.


  1. Don't you think this effort might be for the most populous counties, not Democratic counties? Wouldn't it be a waste of money to set this up in all of Ohio's counties, even the least populous?

    This creates an increase in democracy, something COAST theoretically advocates.

  2. Wow, this is too delicious to pass up. Where do I start?

    OMG! There's Jennifer Brunner with Ted Kennedy!!!!! Be afraid, very afraid!

    Of course, as others have noted, this clearly regards the most populous counties giving their citizens greater opportunities to vote. Frankly, if we had any sense, we'd vote on Saturdays and Sundays like the rest of the world who have significantly higher voter turnout than our great democracy.

    Just love the irony, as others have noted, of the champions of "we deserve a vote," standing against people being able to vote more conveniently. Do you want to stand next to them and fill out their ballot the right way too?

    And the very thought of Steve Chabot storming the barricades screaming about not letting people vote is just to mind shattering to experience.

    You made me smile on this Friday. Still more silliness from COAST.

  3. Just notice one more thing. Mr. Chabot won't be "storming the barricades," he's urging voters to come vote on Sunday since the terrible fearsome President Obama is coming to Ohio to urge all of those liberal Democratic voters to go vote. Seems like Chabot recognizes that Sunday is just as convenient a day to vote as others do too. Leave it to COAST to suggest that it's some horrible plot to subvert democracy.

    That's the same thing we Democrats have been doing - urging people to vote. Because, you know, "we deserve a vote."

  4. I agree with the previous 3 liberal commentators. Expanded Sunday voting is a good thing. Just not in Republican counties.

  5. COAST, you (as usual) are intentionally lying to misinform your readers. I demand that you supply one shred of evidence that Republican counties are being denied this privilege.

    The Sunday hours were requested by the local boards of election in each county, who get to set their own hours. Are you seriously telling me that you are advocating the surrender of "local control" to the central state government? I guess, when the rules favor your conservative ideology, top-down governance is just fine. It's OK If You're a Republican!

    If you want so much for your Warren County, Butler County, and Clermont County boards of election, then demand that those conservative counties stop disenfranchising themselves and request to stay open on Sundays.

    Stop attacking the Secretary of State office for allowing local BOE's to set their own hours.

    BTW: Change your name to "Coalition for Lying to the Public", because it is more fitting.

  6. Way to go Coleman! You tell is like it is. Next time you mow my lawn I'll give you some more lines you could use to bash those horrible COASTers.

  7. Hey Coleman - Stop lying and get your ass back to painting David A. Pepper's picket fence. You make it sounds like the local Boards of Elections requested this action in a non-partisan manner. In fact, it came down to a Party-line vote with the deciding vote cast by liberal Democrat election-fixer Jennifer Brunner.

    Joe M, I'm glad you had an opportunity to smile. You're not going to have much to be happy about after November 2nd. Especially after John Kasich kills the 3Csnail rail. Enjoy the Republican tidal wave. I will.

  8. It's not really a Republican Tidal Wave Bim, its a tidal wave a fanatical, short-sighted arm chair revolutionaries known as "Tea Partiers." These morons are just as unreasonable and stupid as the morons who were swept up in the "change" and "hope" messages of Obama. No real plan, just shouting and cheering. I'm sure once the tidal wave takes place we'll get sick of these asses just as quickly as the public turned against Obama. The fact that were letting the likes Obama and Palin become the political leaders in this nation is outstanding. It's like we're not even looking at resumes anymore.

    We need the REAL Republican party to come back, not this mock "Tea Party," who is the reverse of the "Change" party. What garbage the American political landscape has become.

  9. Anon -
    If you're that fed up then stop bitching and run for public office yourself instead of hiding behing the anonimity of a computer screen and denigrating others.

  10. "instead of hiding behing the anonimity of a computer screen and denigrating others."

    - Said by a guy hiding behind the anonimity of a computer screen denigrating others.

  11. Where did I denigrate anyone? Did I call names? Nope. I will now though since you're intent on lying about what I say anyways. You're a dumbass Fris. Now that's denigration.

  12. ^We got a tough talker right here folks.

  13. Settle down guys, let's try to get back on topic.


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