Monday, October 18, 2010

David Yost will be great State Auditor

Seven reasons to vote for Yost
David Yost is COAST-endorsed candidate for State Auditor 

COAST provides you with these seven reasons to support David Yost for State Auditor:
  1. Yost is COAST-endorsed, the seal of approval for advocates for limited government.  Read all the COAST endorsements here.
  2. Yost also has been endorsed by the Ohio Society of Certified Professional Accountants for this important role "in large part due to his past experience and future priorities."
  3. Yost is a former County Auditor and County prosecutor, with real experience in rooting out corruption and inefficency in government.  He has exposed corruption by a coronor, a sheriff and a clerk of courts. 
  4. Yost has taken the ATR pledge against raising taxes.  His opponent refuses to take the pledge.
  5. The State Auditor seat is one of the State's "Apportionment Board" seats, meaning that the winner of this contest will play an important role in re-drawing legislative districts.  That's why labor unions have poured more than $500,000 into the campaign of his liberal democrat opponent -- they want to control that process!
  6. Yost won the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting four times from the Government Finance Officers Association.
  7. And, most importantly, Yost is running for State Auditor against big-spending democrat David Pepper who recklessly has tried to raise taxes and fees repeatedly on Hamilton County residents. 
Help us to restore integrity to Ohio government.  Please vote David Yost for State Auditor. 

Read all of COAST's fall 2010 endorsements here.


  1. The Old Hag of Blue AshOctober 19, 2010 at 12:42 AM

    I think we should support David Pepper because he is so strongly pro-abortion.

    - Steph Stoller

  2. The Mustache of Blue AshOctober 19, 2010 at 3:48 PM

    Hilarity = when someone feels the need to impersonate an impersonator handle.

    - Rick Bryan


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