Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CPS election outrage 2010

~~ Abuse continues this week! ~~

That did not take long!
As of Monday, the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers has resumed mis-using school property and personnel for partisan political purposes, aimed at securing the election of liberal democrats Congressman Steve Driehaus and Governor Ted Strickland.

COAST is sending a letter to Steve Driehaus and Governor Strickland today asking that they demand the electioneering inside Cincinnati Public Schools on their behalf cease immediately.
Many folks have commented to COAST that the CPS voting scandal is so outrageous that they would not believe the facts if COAST's attorneys had not established an iron-clad case in Court. After all, why would largely honest public servants allow this abuse of tax resources to be used for political purposes?

Thus, imagine COAST's surprise Tuesday morning when CPS's attorney announced to COAST about new campaign activities of the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers using the property of Cincinnati Public Schools:
We learned that the CFT through its building representative placed in the mailboxes of its members at Western Hills High School the attached material that you may regard as a political advertisement within the scope of the 2002 Agreement. We are told that the material is paid for and prepared by AFT/OFT/CFT.

A copy of the attachment to the e-mail is here. You really will not believe it. It is overt electioneering on behalf of democrats Steve Driehaus and Ted Strickland. COASTers may recall that the activists taking three van loads of CPS students to the Board of Elections to vote democrat were wearing Driehaus campaign stickers and handing out democrat sample ballots.

COAST attorneys then inquired whether the abuse of school property for political purposes was going to spread to all CPS schools. CPS' attorney responded:
CFT counsel confirms today that the materials at Western Hills Engineering were to be delivered by CFT building reps to all CPS schools for distribution to teachers through the mailbox. While we have not polled every school, we have no reason at this time to think that is not the case. Let me know if your client would like to reciprocate.

We know COASTers are speechless in reading this. We were speechless when our attorneys forwarded us these messages as well. After a week of withering criticism in the media and from the public about the ice-cream-for-votes scandal, CFT and CPS are again shamelessly mis-using government property for partisan political purposes. And the center of that political activity seems to be Congressman Steve Driehaus.

There appears to be no way to stop the use of CPS property before the election for political purposes. Rather than educate our children, CPS appears hopelessly dedicated to advancing the agenda of the ideological left -- and to use our tax dollars in doing so.

So, Congressman Driehaus and Governor Strickland, please instruct your minions to stop the abuse - and stop it now!


  1. The Old Hag of Blue AshOctober 28, 2010 at 12:46 AM

    We should bring abortionists and abortion clinics to the schools. This country needs more abortion!

    - Steph Stoller, pro-abortion activist and Blue Ash Councilwomyn

  2. COAST is irrelevant. Which is why I spend a large portion of my life criticizing everything they do.

  3. W says:

    Great job men, but I would have liked to see a couple of depositions of the perpetrators.

  4. W,

    Depositions are on the way. the case is still pending.


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