Monday, October 11, 2010

Mike Wilson - A Taxpayer Hero

Mike Wilson is a taxpayer hero
Founder of Tea Party in Cincinnati and Ohio, spurred national movement
Mike Wilson -- founder of the movement
COAST has endorsed Mike Wilson for State Representative, but this is no ordinary endorsement and Wilson is no ordinary candidate.

Roll the clock back to March of 2009.  The Obama agenda of the Stimulus bill, TARP II, Cap and Trade, and ObamaCare were marching forward with almost no opposition in Washington.

Mike Wilson and a band of ragtag local activists noted a smattering of grass-roots protests in western states have attracted more support than expected.  He makes the decision to take personal action against the socialization of America. 

And the Cincinnati Tea Party was born with more than 5,000 persons at a March 15 rally on Fountain Square.  That was followed by an even bigger rally and march to City Hall on April 15.  We all knew something very important was happening.

Ummm, conservatives were not supposed to hold protest rallies.  What was this?  A slow and skeptical media took a while to catch on, but a national movement had been born.

Then, and since that time, Mike Wilson has proven to be an articulate and principled spokesperson for the Tea Party movement that has become the target of Obama, Pelosi and Reed, the national media, labor unions and other constituents of the national socialist power structure.  Enemies have laid traps of claimed racism, extremism and naivety, all of which Wilson skillfully avoided, confronted and rebutted.

This year, Wilson steped down from head of the local and State Tea Parties to run for State Representative against lock-step liberal democrat Connie Pillich and we are better for his sacifice.

There are thousands of reasons why Wilson is the COAST-endorsed candidate for this job.  Suffice it to say that he is a transcendent figure that COAST hopes has an important role in shaping government policy for many, many years to come.  Read of his many endorsements here.

Please vote for Mike Wilson if you are in the 28th Ohio House District, which includes Reading, Evendale, Sharonville, Glendale, Wyoming, Forest Park, Lincoln Heights, Lockland, Blue Ash, Montgomery, Arlington Heights, and parts of Symmes and Springfield Townships and Springdale.

Read all of COAST's fall 2010 endorsements here.

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  1. The Old Hag of Blue AshOctober 11, 2010 at 9:31 PM

    Yeah Wilson's very good on economic issues but he's not a 100% pro-abortionist like Connie Pillich is. There is no more vital issue right now than expanding the abortion industry in Ohio. I've worked to do this for 40 years and can vouch that Connie Pillich shares my pro-abortion values.

    Steph Stoller


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