Monday, February 6, 2012

Jean Schmidt snubs Three-Tea Parties; is a no-show at their debate!

Schmidt is a no-Show at Three Tea Party Debate

Tonight, the Anderson Tea Party, the Liberty Alliance (formerly the Indian Hill Tea Party), and the Eastern Hills Tea Party united for a Candidates Night among the candidates for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Congress at Miami Valley Christian Academy.  More than 250 citizens were in attendance.

Jean Schmidt was a no-show.

COAST suspects she is fearful of defending her indefensible votes to raise the debt limit, for the TARP program, and in favor of greater regulation in Washington.  Likely, she is also unwilling to address the corruption allegations leveled against her.

So, Jean has snubbed the core of the Republican Party, the fiscal conservatives that comprise COAST and the Tea Party groups.

This is shocking behavior from a woman who claims to want to continue to be our Congressman.

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