Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cincinnati area Tea Parties unite for the really big meeting Monday night

Eastern Cincinnati's allied liberty groups are hosting a candidates night and debate Monday evening at Miami Valley Christian Academy in Newtown at 7 PM.

The first hour of the program will be a debate between the candidates for the Second Congressional Distrct, Jean Schmidt and Brad Wenstrup, and the second hour will be a debate between Tom Brinkman, Jr. and Peter Stautberg for the Republican nomination for the 27th Ohio House District.

COAST intends to confront Schimdt at the debate with questions about her legacy of corruption in Washington.

COAST has endorsed Tom Brinkman for the 27th Ohio House district and Brad Wenstrup for the 2nd Congressional District.

The public is invited to the event.  It is free of charge.

More details are here.

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