Thursday, February 16, 2012

Freedom Center Deal is major win for taxpayers' cause

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center was conceived as a museum for African Americans history in America to tell the story of their escape from slavery.  And in that idea, it was certainly a noble cause.

However, as big egos of wealthy businessmen, and agendas of the Cincinnati corporate elite, took hold, the NURFC became out-sized and over-budget.

Thus, unintentionally, the Center became a symbol not of freedom from oppression 150 years ago, but in fact a huge symbol of modern-day oppression from corporate oligarchs, out-of-touch politicians, and a rapacious non-profit sector that seems to believe that sucking tax dollars is easier than obtaining market dollars or charity for their missions.

The deal this week with the Museum Center to take over NURFC operations was more than simply sparing taxpayers the annual ritual of NURFC officials begging for cash to correct their planning and projection errors, it was a very important capitulation from these very oligarchs and politicians that the taxpayers have had enough, and aren't going to be pushed around any further for silly projects backed by a few wealthy individuals.

And perhaps, for a moment, the taxpayers will get a little breathing room from the near-daily new demands on their pocketbooks.

Make no mistake, they will be back, and will be back with a vengeance when they think they can get more taxpayer cash.

But for now, it was a reprieve and a victory for taxpayers.  For a day, anyway.

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