Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mayor's eight years of lies stunt progress

As we reflect on the eight years of the mayorship of Mark Mallory, a curious feeling comes over us, wondering why progress was stunted, promised initiatives never materialized, and long-festering problems metastized.

In last night's Mayoral debate, the answer came into clearer view: The promises and stated priorities of the Mayor were a lie.

For example, Mark Mallory repeatedly committed to pursue shared services with the County and other jurisdictions to achieve cost savings.  This was a priority of Tom Williams and the Cincinnati Business Community.  It was a priority of County Commissioner Greg Hartmann.  And the Mayor repeatedly claimed to be completely on board with the entirely common-sense notion of saving money through shared servies to bring dividends to the taxpayers.

And yet, in last night's Mayoral debate, Roxanne Qualls, the closest politial ally of the Mayor, betrayed his deepest secret: All the while he was claiming to advance savings from shared services, here was his real position, according to Qualls:
“Unfortunately,” she said, “the mayor did not have an interest in pursuing shared services.”

Read it in the Enquirer, here.

And, if that was so, what did Qualls do to break that logjam, and force the issue at Council?  Well, precisely nothing.  How's that for leadership?

So, we have a choice in November, more prevarications, trips down blind alleys, and lies about community priorities, or balzing a new trail for Cincinnati?

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