Monday, October 21, 2013

Anderson Democrat leader threatens local business owner for displaying republican signs

On Monday, October 14th, the following email (pasted below) was sent to a business owner on Beechmont Ave by the President of the Anderson Newtown Democratic Party President, Bonnie Dunkelman. This business owner made a choice to support Josh Gerth & Andrew Pappas for Trustee and when a John Piehowicz sign showed up twice, the owner sent a note to John asking that he refrain from placing any signs at their location. Below is the email that was sent shortly after that email exchange.

The Anderson Township Republican Club strongly objects to this threatening behavior to Anderson businesses.  We support all businesses in Anderson Township including those that may choose to show support for opponents of our Republican candidates.  The Anderson Township Republican Club will not threaten our neighbors and we reject these type of tactics against our local business community.

Mike Jordan
Vice President
Anderson Township Republican Club

Message from Bonnie Dunkelman:
From: Bonnie Dunkelman
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2013 11:39 AM
To: Redacted to protect business owner from further exposure
Subject: A concern regarding your property
 am writing with a concern. This is in regard to your request
 that Dr. John
 Piehowicz refrain from placing signs on the property you
 manage in Anderson. I
 just want to check with you to be certain that you contact
 all candidates that
 have signs on all of your properties. If there is a company
 wide policy that no
 signs are permitted on any property owned by your company,
 that is fine.
 I actually wish all businesses would adopt such a policy.
 Please be aware
 that this sign was placed without Dr. Piehowicz's
 if you continue to permit signs favoring the other
 candidates to be on display,
 you leave me no choice but to ask the 300 Anderson residents
 on my email
 distribution lists to kindly boycott any business located in
 a plaza or
 shopping center owned or managed by XXXXXX. In fairness to
 those businesses, we will contact their
 owners to explain why they are being boycotted. I was
 actually planning to get
 a XXXXXX this
 at the XXXXXX in
 plaza you manage. Fortunately, there are many other XXXXXX in Anderson I
 can choose to visit. 

 you for understanding the importance of having a policy that
 respects everybody
 on an equal basis. For future consideration, you should be
 aware that 37% of
 Anderson Twp voted for President Obama in 2012. 

 Anderson Newtown Democratic Club
 Team Leader, Obama for America, Anderson 2012


  1. Are we supposed to be impressed that only 37% of Anderson Twp voted for Obama? Isn't that a little embarrassing to type and even be proud of? Does she even know that is NOT a majority? But I guess from a Dem's view, that's a win! LOL!!! :-) Well bless her little heart.

  2. If I knew the business, I would be a patron.

  3. go to H...dumb dems

  4. Another thugocrat message.

  5. Terry S.
    What business does Bonnie Dunkelman own? I'd like to make sure I don't patronize it.

  6. Does she know that this property is privately owned and that the owner can put any sign on his/her property that they want?

  7. Whoever this business owner is should now put a sign up that has Bonnie Dunkelman's name on it and how she is threatening people!
    Show her how free speech really still exists in America!

    1. 37%, WOW , I wonder if they got what they voted for and if they are still pleased with them selves for being that stupid.

  8. I hope everyone commenting on here is a teenager.

  9. Actually she has exibited her First Amendment right as a citizen and is following capitalism in that SHE can also decide what to write and where to shop. Apparently, COAST believes in free speech only when it is speech they like. Hypocrite is the word that comes to mind. Nevermind that two candidates have been using Township resources to further their political aspirations. Let's see Coast go after Anderson for that.

  10. Anonymous at 1:48 is employing typical liberal Democrat tactics. Make a scurrilous claim in order to cause harm to your political opponents (two candidates have been using Township resources to further their political aspirations), and give absolutely no evidence to back up the claim. Textbook dirty politics.

    Anon 1:48 - If you have evidence, then bring it forward. If you don't then you're just as guilty of these supposed acts as those you're (falsely) calling out. Put up or shut up.

    Hypocrite is the word that comes to mind.

  11. Although I disagree with Dunkekman's core message (meaning, the business should be able to display whatever signs they choose), as a proud member of the DNC I would just personally choose not to patronize ANY businesses that support TEAfederate candidates and "move on."


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