Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hamilton County Library Stands Down in Political Advocacy in Libraries

Recently COAST became aware that the public library was distributing campaign materials on behalf of the pro-tax levy committee.

In response COAST requested the library provide equal access to our materials advocating against the tax.

As a result of our letter, Library Director Kim Fender removed the political materials from display and ceased distributing the materials. Our initial review shows that indeed the offending materials have been removed. We will continue to monitor their compliance.

It is also important to note that victory was achieved without having to resort to the sort of protracted, scorched earth litigation which Cincinnati City agencies seem so insistent upon. Obviously our message is resonating and Hamilton County agencies, at least, understand that COAST does not engage in frivolous campaigns. When we make a demand of a public agency, we intend to see it through.

We are thrilled that public agencies are starting to "Get it" and realize that COAST is serious about stopping the abuse of taxpayer resources for political purposes. It is an affront to our system of government to allow public agencies to use taxpayer resources to influence an election - particularly on the issue of funding that very agency.

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