Sunday, September 1, 2013

Which moment was the most proud of Chris Seelbach's tenure on Council? (Updated)

Labor Day is the start of campaign season, and this year that means a City Council election.  And this Council election is more momentous than those that came before because we are voting for a Council that will serve for four year terms.

With that in mind, we today explore the ignoble and hopefully short Council tenure of one Chris Seelbach.  With this article, we ask, which moment is the highlight of Chris Seelbach's Councimanic service?

There's more, lots more, as Seelbach has served reliably as a slavish sycophant of the Mallory/Qualls agenda that is spending Cincinnati into a deep hole of debt.

We will continue to visit these issues through election day.

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  1. Hey, you forgot one: the epic confrontation he had with another campaign's staffer right in the middle of a church festival, that apparently only Seelbach himself witnessed.


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