Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oak Hills Schools Campaigning Using Taxpayer Resources

It happens at the end of every summer, like clockwork.  No, we're not talking about eager, bright-eyed students filing back into classes.  Alas, yet another local school district is caught campaigning with taxpayer resources.  This time it's the Oak Hills Local School District in western Hamilton County. 

We received numerous complaints from taxpayers in the Oak Hills School District who claimed that the District was engaging in campaign activities on the taxpayer dime in the lead up to Oak Hills' loss at the ballot box this past May.  Taxpayers from throughout Green and Delhi Townships were hopping mad that their tax dollars were being used for levy fodder, and not surprising to COAST, they responded by defeating the levy 55-45 in a stunning rout of the pro-tax forces.

The complaints from concerned taxpayers persist louder than ever as Oak Hills seeks yet another levy vote.  Emboldened by their ability to evade official reprimand for their malfeasance in May, and in spite of the double-digit beating they took at the ballot box, Oak Hills school officials went a step further in their zeal to hike taxes this November.  One of the most blatant of these instances occurred recently when the school district's taxpayer funded web site asks folks to turn in pro-levy signs to "any school building or to district office for them to be recycled."  We are certain this means "used in the next pro-levy campaign," which of course is a direct violation of the Ohio Revised Code.

COAST has asked Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters to take action to stop this reckless abuse of taxpayer trust, and is prepared to make public further citizen complaints should the school district persist in their unethical levy tactics.  Concerned citizens should feel free to contact Oak Hills Superintendent Todd Yohey at yohey_t@ohlsd.org and let him know that you disapprove of your hard-earned tax
You can also contact the elected members of the Oak Hills Board of Education:
President – Jeannie Schoonover – 451-5251
Vice President – Rick Ahlers – 922-1263
School Board Member – Steve Schinkal – 598-1625
School Board Member – Janice Hunter – 922-1946
School Board Member – Ritsa Tassopoulos – 259-4900
If you are a resident of the Oak Hills Local School District, and are aware of additional improper activities, please email us at coastusa@gmail.com.

A copy of the letter to Prosecutor Deters is below:


  1. Oak Hills Schools A-holes also turned over the email addresses of parents who signed up to receive school updates on the District's website to the levy committee. Burn their asses.

  2. wow they want to SAVE $$ and the EARTH by recycling yes lets Burn them..
    You had to sign up separately on both the district website and the levy committee to receive both

  3. Most certainly contact the Oak Hills Board of Education members...I happen to be one of those members, and I would be glad to give accurate information, unlike the information offered by COAST or "former PTA member".

    1. i have a problem with the amount of waste that goes on at the bus garage, no one holds them accountable for all the things going on there! working on personal cars and always playing joke on people, not to mention all the time sitting around doing nothing, i cant affors new taxes and would not support new taxes unless i see something done about this growing problem

  4. you want to see real waste, go to the oak hills school bus garage behind john foster dulles school on bridgetown rd. and watch all the sitting around by the mechanics, doing nothing half the time and working on personal vehicals the other half, while certain administrators know it is going on and do nothing so they can have there personal things worked on also. there is a ton of waste at transportation


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