Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"It's out of our hands" - Blue Ash Council

- submitted by Mike Lavengood

"It's out of our hands."

"We can't tell the City of Cincinnati how to spend their money"

"You people in this room that have a problem need to go talk to the City of Cincinnati..."

These are some of the instructions and/or clarifications from Blue Ash City Council that were given to the citizens who attended last Thursday night to express their dismay, and in some cases, anger with the politicians that run that city.

Funny, that's not how the people who elected them may remember events. That may not be what was said when the politicians were pushing for their income tax increase. Maybe they thought you would forget. Maybe you did. Let me help your memory, a la Glenn Beck, from their very own mouths (the press release is attached, if you want my source):

"CINCINNATI, Oct. 25, 2006 – The City of Cincinnati today approved the sale of Blue Ash Airport property to the City of Blue Ash. Blue Ash will pay Cincinnati $37.5 million over the next 30 years. The 8-1 vote paves the way for the creation of a 130-acre signature public park in Blue Ash. It also creates a strong future for a reconfigured Blue Ash Airport."


"Nov. 7 is the day that Blue Ash residents vote on raising the city’s earnings tax cap by 0.25 percent to fund the land purchase as well as a host of parks and recreational improvements. If approved, Issue 15 will enable Blue Ash to transform the airport property by adding:

• A 130-acre park complete with walking trails, a reflecting pool, an amphitheater, gardens, woodlands and lakes
• A performing arts and conference center
• A World War II memorial anchored by a vintage B-17 bomber

(Whoops! Must've forgotten that one! They really meant to do this. They weren't playing on the emotions of veterans and their families. Nope. Just forgot.)

• Two golf-course holes relocated from the Blue Ash Golf Course, allowing for the addition of a driving range at the course
• Several sit-down restaurants
• A reconfigured and improved Blue Ash Airport on the 98 remaining acres"

(How many voters voted "YES", thinking POLITICIANS told them what was true?)

"This is a long-term commitment that reflects the long-term vision shared by both Blue Ash and Cincinnati," (former Mayor Robert) Buckman said, adding that other talks about the property over the years, including recent overtures by out of state investors, fell short in one way or another."

(Do citizens may want to know how a bona fide $30,000,000 investment of PRIVATE CAPITAL into their city falls short? Do citizens think that a private investor, WHO ACTUALLY WANTED TO RUN AN AIRPORT, would have been an asset to the City? Is there something inherently suspicious about out-of-state investors? I thought if we elected Republicans, we would get out-of-state investors. Because if we elected Democrats, they'd probably sell it to the City of Cincinnati, and we'd just be transferring tax dollars, like the federal administration.)

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory agreed. "This continues to be an excellent deal for everyone involved. The Blue Ash Airport plan is a perfect example of what we can accomplish when we work together in the spirit of regional cooperation and mutual benefit,"

(BINGO! THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE! Let all who participated be judged by this "perfect example". Let all who vote, cast their vote remembering this "perfect example".)

(But they weren't done talking. Back to our City Fathers):

If voters approve the funding for the plan, the two cities will continue to work together as the airport is reconfigured and enhanced. "Together, Cincinnati and Blue Ash have created a great blueprint for a great future and we are prepared to see it through," Blue Ash City Manager David Waltz said. "It’s in the hands of the voters now."

It is in the hands of the voters. But how many are paying attention? That's up to you.


  1. WTF is up with all of your font changes in this post. Your standard babbling has always been difficult to read but this is just ridiculous!

  2. We should all be very proud of Blue Ash City Council for their courageous decision. Everyone should be paying for the streetcar.

  3. Where is this press release attached?

  4. This was originally written as an email. That's why there are no attachments and some formatting issues.


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