Wednesday, August 8, 2012


COAST applauds the actions of Hamilton County Commissioners Greg Hartmann and Chris Monzel for holding the line on higher taxes and voting to place the Mental Health and Senior Services Levy on the November 2012 ballots without an increase.

Both Hartmann and Monzel know that county taxpayers are suffering through a terrible economy and reductions in their home values.  The last thing taxpayers need is to pay additional taxes.

COAST Chairman Tom Brinkman Jr. stated, "Both of these men are true friends of the taxpayers and showed the voters that they understand just what we are going through in this tough economy."

We note that Todd Portune also voted in favor of taxpayers.

COAST Chairman Tom Brinkman Jr. stated, "Portune had hard time shedding his 'taxes go up no matter what' mindset, but eventually even he succumbed to reality and signed off on this very balanced plan."

COAST is the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes and has been the voice of reason in Hamilton county since 1998.  COAST is non-partisan and never forgets those Republicans and Democrats that have sold the taxpayers short.

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