Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jean Schmidt Airbrushing History?

Today BuzzFeed.com reports that someone using the Congressional Office IP address edited Jean Schmidt's wikipedia entry to remove embarrassing content, including the Armenian Genocide Denial issue section.  Deirdre Shesgreen has the story at the Enquirer.

Over the years she's been caught lying about her education; lying about endorsements; plagiarizing guest editorials; not reporting illegal gifts*; and now her wikipedia page is being altered to remove an embarrassing chapter from her sordid career.

The edits made were not minor "corrections."  These edits were full scale attempts to throw Jean's most embarrassing moments down the Memory Hole!

The top image is of the table of contents before the edits, and the bottom image is the table of contents after the edits.

The US Capitol was being treated as the Ministry of Truth.

Here is a quick sampling of what was removed:  All reference to Armenian Genocide Denial Controversy, All reference to her lies about her education and endorsements, the famed "Cowards cut and run" remark, her statement that she agreed with a "birther."

All of her Controversies were replaced with a section regarding the Ohio Election Commission finding against David Krikorian.

Let me repeat, Jean Schmidt's Wikipedia Entry was edited by someone using the Congressional Office IP Address.  That means government resources were used in the furtherance of Jean Schmidt's political career!

This woman is truly Shameless.

Words alone will never express the depth of our appreciation to the voters of the Second District for removing her from Office.  January 3, 2013 can't come soon enough!

*And by the way, just how much of that $600,000 has she paid back?


  1. The embarrassment continues. Will Schmidt supporters George Vincent, Tom Weidman, Vicky Zwissler, Julie Matheny, Virgil Lovitt, Lee Czerwonka, Michelle Schneider, Tony Maas, Otto Budig, and Mike Brown apologize for propping up Mean Jean?

  2. Jean - Please go away and don't ever run again for anything. For the love of god, if I see your name on the ballot for State Representative, Township Trustee, or dog catcher, I will immediately start working for your opponent and donating money to his/her campaign. PLEASE GO AWAY!

  3. Campaign Expert MathenyJuly 11, 2012 at 12:51 AM

    You people stop picking on Jean Schmidt! She's the greatest. She represents the ethics and effectiveness that I treasure. I blame you COASTers for her defeat.


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