Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chabot stands tall against rail to nowhere, and Don Young pushes Alaska rail to nowhere

A COASTer wrote us this morning and pointed out the difficulties of stopping wasteful spending.

On the one hand, the Enquirer has decided that Chabot is a toad for trying to save the U.S.A. tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars for 2 miles train track, for a 12 mph train from downtown to Findlay Market, a route virtually no one needs to travel for work, shopping, worship or to get to a doctor.  Further, Chabot's proposal will save taxpayers in his hometown five times the federal subsidy in additional capital dollars and operating monies.

On the other hand, corrupt Don Young from Alaska is pushing a train to nowhere in Alaska at a cost to the federal government of $62 million per year.  And the media is properly bashing him for the excessive spending.

We certainly are proud of Chabot for standing tall against the Cincinnati rail boondoggle.  But we know how politics works, and are dismayed that a hero like Chabot is not properly recognized by his hometown newspaper for his good work on this issue, saving the federal government and local taxpayers tens if not hundreds of millions of otherwise squandered dollars.

It's one thing for the voters to have vacillating and inconsistent priorities.  They are known to be fickle.  But for the hometown newspaper to act so recklessly with their opinions is most unfortunate.

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  1. Dead Tree Format suxJuly 10, 2012 at 3:18 PM

    The Enquirer is flailing in its death throes. Let it die a quiet death, since we know it won't be a dignified one. Thanks for another reason not to buy your rag of a newspaper Skaggie Maggie.


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