Thursday, July 5, 2012

Enquirer tries again to manipulate voters on Streetcar issue

Margaret Buchanan has skillfully manipulated voters during her tenure as Enquirer Publisher, and today's story: "Is other mass transit in jeopardy?" is yet another example of this cynical contortion.  Our favorite example is here.

In there, now for a third time, Buchanan tells readers that an attempt to eliminate funding for the streetcar will have broad and unintended consequences, and thus must be defeated.

And the Enquirer, which criticizing all attempts at cutting Streetcar funding refuses to expressly take a position on the project.

The problem is that the "unintended consequences" line is overblown and entirely unrealistic.  If the Congress wants to fund busways or riverways, it can amend the transportation or some other bill to allow for that.  Further, the reporter well knows that there is no such project that realistically will materialize during the two years the Chabot amendment is in effect.

So, Margaret, knock it off.  People resent being lied to and manipulated.


  1. lol, you COASTers don't even know where Chabot's amendment resides!

    Last Friday you were praising the Senate for approving the House's bill. You know, the two-year transportation bill Obama signs today? The one that DOES NOT contain the Chabot amendment.

    Once again, COAST falls down and goes THUD.

  2. Don't worry too much. The Enquirer is going the way of the VHS tape. Within the next 5 years they'll be gone, a faint memory much like rotary home phones. Print format will cease to exist, and do you really think anyone will pay money to read the online version of the slop they produce?


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