Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Portman to headline COAST fundraiser

March 1, 2010

COAST is pleased to announce that former Congressman and current US Senate candidate Rob Portman will headline a fundraiser for COAST on Monday, March 1, 2010 at 7 PM at the Glendale Lyceum, 865 Congress Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246.

Individual admission is $75 per person and $125 per couple.  Please plan on joining COAST for this important and only major fundraiser of 2010. You may click below to buy tickets.
Buy Tickets Here
You may also call COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd at (513) 240-4996 or e-mail him for more information.

The goals and objectives of COAST are neither endorsed or rejected by The Glendale Lyceum.


  1. If only I could get there by high-speed rail. But a five hour drive is out of the question. Maybe somewhere down the road it will be possible to get to these events across the state by mixing private and public transportation.

    BTW - My hope was Natalie Portman was headlining this event.

  2. If you were coming by the proposed 3C snail rail from Cleveland you'd have a $75, 14 hour round-trip in front of you. Better to drive, save money, and cut your time.

  3. You have to start somewhere. I love how folks who don't like a project bid up the requirements until it's impossible to achieve with the resources at hand. Their political agenda won't allow any part to be achieved.

    3C will have some benefits immediately upon implementation. If it achieves the projections it will be worth further investment and if it doesn't it can be closed down or redesigned.

  4. "You have to start somewhere."

    Yeah, the problem is that the place you want to start is in my wallet.


  5. Increased tax revenue from the casinos. I really wish they had planned the casinos to be between cities, with passenger rail service. Throw in some attractions like nightclubs, spas, and sport venues and we could really have something.

  6. "Increased tax revenue from the casinos"


    That money has already been earmarked to help close the State's $7 BILLION budget hole.

    Try again. Better yet, just admit that you have no answer.

  7. According to what I read a couple months back, the DOT will have no trouble funding the operating costs.

    Unless there is casino money coming in the next two years, it's not factored into the budget at all. The legislature only passes a rolling two-year budget bill, generally once a year.

    At least that's how I understand it. Where are you getting your information? Why worry about the last one-twentieth of one percent of a deficit?

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  9. HarCohen -
    Maybe you should check your sources.
    Per the Columbus Dispatch -
    "And Ohio, with an impending $7 billion hole in the next two-year budget, can hardly afford the $17 million annual subsidy to operate the rail system."

    There is an huge operating shortfall on top of an already huge projected deficit.



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