Friday, February 26, 2010

Cincinnati Tea Party Supports COAST Fundraiser Monday Night

"The movement that changed everything"

Cincinnati Tea Party
promotes March 1 fundraiser

Its Chairman Chris Littleton to appear also

Tea Party Logo 

The movement that has changed everything -- the Tea Party -- is promoting the COAST fundraiser Monday night featuring former distinguished Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Rob Portman.  In a blast e-mail to its members on Tuesday, the Cincinnati Tea Party said: "If you don't know about the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST) you should," and encouraged its members to attend the fundraiser.

Cincinnati Tea Party Chairman Chris Littleton also committed to attending the event.  We welcome him.

Littleton joins a crowd of elected officials and political dignitaries supporting COAST's mission Monday night, including Congressman Steve Chabot, Dr. Brad Wenstrup, Council member Chris Monzel, County Commissioner Greg Hartmann and County Treasurer Rob Goering.  Still, the event will not be complete without you there, and there are tickets still available.

The event is 7 PM at the Glendale Lyceum, 865 Congress Avenue in Glendale.  Tickets are $75 per person and $125 per couple.

Our Host Committee for this event is:

William and Joann Brayshaw
Joseph Brinck
Piotr Chomczymski
Mary Ann Christie
Robert Coletti
Christopher P. Finney
Jason Gloyd
Joel and Kimberly Grant
Senator Shannon Jones
Curt C. Hartman
Greg Hartman
Theodore and Peggy Hubbard
Robert Kohlhepp
Del and Dorette Landis
Tony Maas
E. Paul Naberhaus
Quentin Nesbitt
Dan and Kellie Peters
John Rabenold
Daniel P. Regenold
Michelle Schneider
Ron and Roseann Siderits
Alex Traintafilou
Don Vonderhaar
Tom Weidman
Dr. Brad Wenstrup
Mike Wilson

Please plan on joining COAST for this important and only major fundraiser of 2010. You may click below to buy tickets through our secure site.
Buy Tickets Here
You may also call COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd at (513) 240-4996 or e-mail him for more information.
The goals and objectives of COAST are neither endorsed or rejected by The Glendale Lyceum.


  1. Good job on not being able to spell Com. Greg Hartmann's name properly on the host list.

  2. Caleb Faux, HCDP Executive DirectorMarch 8, 2010 at 3:26 AM

    I would also like to take a bailout so I can repay my Court-ordered judgments.

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  5. ^Sore Losers, really? Was that post necessary? With Mark Miller having to create so many fake usernames to drum up fake support for COAST, do we really need any more such as yourself?

  6. The earlier comment was posted by someone posing as me, and I request that the COAST blog administrators remove the post in accordance with Bloggers Terms of Service Agreement.

  7. ^^I'm assuming it's gone as I don't see it.
    Yes, to the original post, it should be Greg Hartmann and we offer our apologies.

  8. Yes, it now says that a blog administrator removed the comment. Thank you.

  9. We liberals would never stoop to posting as someone else. Thanks Randy for putting those wingnuts in their place!

  10. Tairy is just mad that more fake people read this blog then real people read his crappy CAAST electronic masturbatory blogging exercise.

  11. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    sniffle sniffle


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