Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mark calendars for 3rd annual North COAST picnic

Sunday, October 4 at 4 PM at
Blue Ash Recreation Center/Park
COASTers will be gathering on Sunday, October 4 at 4 PM at Blue Ash Recreation Center/Park, 4343 Cooper Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 to celebrate their 2009 successes, plan for the November elections and thank their volunteers and Board members.

COAST provides the fried chicken and beverages. Attendees are asked to bring side dishes and desserts.

Please mark your calendar and plan on attending this annual and fun COAST function. There will be a charge of $5 per person to cover the cost of the chicken and beverages.

Call or e-mail COAST Board member Kim Grant at 513-479-8475 to make your reservations, for directions, or for more information. Be there!


  1. Shouldn't the anti-tax group have their picnic at a private location instead of a tax-funded city park. Maybe at a house or business.

    Also why is the group that is trying to influence the City of Cincinnati meeting in the city of Blue Ash?

  2. Perhaps you didn't note the title "North COAST picnic". It is being organized by our fine COAST folks in Warren County and they are gracious enough to hold it in a central meeting point.

  3. COAST is meeting in a public park. Anti-tax FAIL!

  4. You're right C4P and Anon.-
    COAST should not meet in a public park PAID FOR BY THEIR TAX DOLLARS. They should not use public roads PAID FOR BY THEIR TAX DOLLARS. They shouldn't benefit from police protection PAID FOR BY THEIR TAX DOLLARS. They shouldn't use fire and emergency services PAID FOR BY THEIR TAX DOLLARS. They shouldn't use waste/garbage removal services PAID FOR BY THEIR TAX DOLLARS.

    They should all just stay home and die. Or, alternatively as one streetcar advocate opined, "They should all be gassed."


    Sarcasm intended

  5. This is just an example of the different mentalities that COAST and others have. COAST views government as "them." An alien, external body that comes and steals "your" taxes. When those taxes are used for anything that does not specifically benefit just you, it is government tyranny. Those who see the benefit of a streetcar are more likely to view government as "we," an extension of the people. Our taxes are used to better our community. We see the streetcar as a project that does just that. Report after report confirms that streetcars have spurred billions in new development and attract new residents to a region.

    COAST's banner proudly boasts "limiting the rate of taxes and spending and stopping the abuse of power by government officals" like it is belief held exclusively by COAST members. There are not many citizens that want excessive taxes or government officials. We don't have excessive taxes. In fact, the tax burden on Americans is at a near historic low. If you feel that government officials are abusing their power than elect new and better officials. This is after all a representative democracy.

  6. Talk about government tyranny(1), let’s all play Jarts, I’ll bring a set, rest are cornholers



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