Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Red Light Cameras Retreat Throughout Ohio

COAST travels state to advance liberty
COAST and the WeDemandAVote.Com coalition are committed to running red light cameras out of Ohio. So far in 2009, they have made great strides toward this end.

In January, 67 residents of Toledo gathered on a cold Monday night to launch the petition drive to ban red light and speeding cameras in their City. Toledo was the first Ohio City to adopt the pernicious devices. To date, local organizers have gathered 3.000 signatures. A petition drive to repeal red light cameras has also been launched by local organizers in Chillicothe. Organizers in both cities are expected to attain ballot access for this November.

Victories were had without the need for petition drives in Pickerington and Canton where City Councils were convinced to turn away the temptations of increased revenues dangled by red light camera companies, which profit handsomely off of the devices.

In March, Republicans in the Ohio Senate turned down a proposal from the democrat House and liberal democrat Governor Strickland to implement speeding cameras on state highways, starting with construction zones.

Read here and here about the growing Ohio backlash against red light and speeding cameras. COAST still desires to take the fight into Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Hamilton and Middletown. If you know of local lovers of liberty in these communities who want to organize their community against red light cameras, contact COAST legal counsel Chris Finney at 533-2980 or cfinney@fssp-law.com.

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  1. Add Heath to the list that plans to kick out the red light/speed cameras. We are on track to amend the city charter Nov 3rd.


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