Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Global Warming: A Lot of Hot Air

Tomorrow AFP’s Hot Air Balloon to Stop in Toledo
Right now in Washington, President Obama and Speaker Pelosi are pushing a Cap and Trade scheme that raises taxes on your gasoline, raises taxes on your home heating and cooling, and kills jobs by the thousands with government rationing of our energy -- all in the name of Al Gore's Global Warming alarmism.

You can fight back -- just like we did with Tea Parties. Bring your family out to Americans for Prosperity’s Hot Air Tour Thursday, April 30th in Toledo at University of Toledo’s Carter Recreational Field at 9:00am as we urge Senator Brown to VOTE NO on the Cap and Trade Scheme. We'll have free food and a giant 70-foot-tall hot air balloon with free rides (weather permitting).

Toledo, Ohio (Register)
9:00am -- Thursday, April 30th
University of Toledo’s Carter Recreational Field (intersection of Oakwood & N. Westwood: map)
The first 50 registrants receive a free t-shirt.

For more information, contact Americans for Prosperity at 202-349-5880.

Be sure to forward this e-mail and encourage folks you know to sign up, including friends from work, family, your college, home school group, political group, and other community associations!
One of the driving forces behind Congressional inaction on the energy issue is global warming alarmism. We are working hard to bring you the missing half of the global warming issue. What will the impact of reactionary legislation be on our national economy, local businesses, and even your personal budget?

Note: Hot air balloon rides are weather and wind permitting.

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