Saturday, November 22, 2008

COAST Rallies Against New City Trash Tax

Please join us this Wednesday, November 26 at 1 PM on the inner steps of City Hall

City Manager Milton Dohoney has proposed a new $20 per year fee per household for trash collection. Until now, City trash collection was paid for out of the general fund, from other taxes paid by City residents.

Please join COAST THIS Wednesday (November 26) on the inner steps of City Hall (Plum Street side) at 1:00 PM to rally against this new and unnecessary tax on City residents.

"Running out of things to tax, Cincinnati City Council now wants to tax our trash," said COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd. "This City, which has acted utterly irresponsibly for decades with City dollars, now wants to make its over-spending problem the problem of City taxpayers. Join us to 'Trash the Tax' this Wednesday at City Hall at 1:00 PM."

All spending items fit into one of two categories. They're either needs or wants.

There are certain things you have to have in order to be a city; police officers, fire-fighters, roads, streetlights, water, sewers, garbage collection and many others are required city services. They are basic needs.

Flowers, parks, arts and streetcars are luxuries. They're optional. You can live without them. They're very nice to have, but no matter how badly you want them, you really don't NEED them in the truest sense of that word.

A family facing budget problems who called for cutting off the water and sewer services in order to keep the cable TV would rightly be ridiculed. City Manager Dohoney's recent budget proposal is every bit as ludicrous as that.

Eliminating an entire class of police and firefighter recruits in order to continue funding bike trails and global warming measures is the height of irresponsibility. Mr. Dohoney is grinding the seed-corn of the city.

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  1. But how will the city fund its choo-choo train if it doesn't raise taxes on everyone?


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