Tuesday, November 11, 2008

As campaign faltered, McCain decried Republican spending excesses

Republican spending excesses under President Bush were a lead anchor that helped to drag the McCain-Palin ticket to defeat in November. Read here how even John McCain acknowledged this reality as he struggled to live down the Bush legacy during Campaign 2008. Read the Enquirer story that tells us the same thing here.

“Every two years,” said Jason Gloyd, “our national and state Republicans come home to spending discipline, as they realize that the voters demand fiscal responsibility.” And then as soon as they are sworn in, they seem to forget this cold reality. Sadly for McCain, the Party realized the errors of its ways far too late.”

By November 4, the brand identity of Republicans being the Party of limited government had been squandered and the call to action based upon fiscal prudence finally fell upon deaf ears of the electorate.

“The can of whoop ass that the democrats opened up on Republicans nationwide,” said Gloyd, “was a richly-deserved and long overdue rebuke of the GOP’s wanton abandonment of any semblance of fiscal discipline. In short, as a Party we got exactly what we deserved for not learning anything from our previous defeats!"

COAST posits that the only remaining question is whether any of these GOP leaders were listening. We have not seen any evidence that they were.

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