Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cincinnati Public Schools pays employees too much

State audit blasts bloated salary structure


A state audit released in October says Cincinnati Public Schools pays its employees more than those in comparable school districts or at companies in the Cincinnati region. Read the full article here. Read the full state audit here.

Also, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported in October that teachers accused of mis-conduct are placed on unnecessarily long assignments in a science warehouse in Walnut Hills, while accusations against them are being investigated. Read that story here.

Finally, COAST reminds its readers that property owners in Cincinnati, Silverton, Amberly Village and Cheviot will be receiving an overall increase in their tax property bills of 14% in December, and a whopping 23% increase in the school portion due to a 7.89 mill tax increase passed in March of this year.

“We suppose the bureaucrats will deny that there is a connection between the wasteful spending patterns of CPS and the massive tax increase imposed this year,” said COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd. “Yet, the consequences of their reckless handling of the tax dollars which with they have been entrusted is obvious. CPS voters are getting the performance they deserve by electing irresponsible Board members and voting in favor of giving them more money to waste.”

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