Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sad tale of voter suppression by national branch of NAACP

It is sad to see the national NAACP aggressively seeking voter suppression of its own members in a local branch election.

As our loyal readers know, this fiscally conservative organization (COAST) has proudly partnered with the Cincinnati branch of the NAACP to achieve progress in our community, reaching across racial and political boundaries to form a ground-breaking coalition on the Jail Tax, Red Light Cameras, the sale of the Cincinnati Water Works, the Parking Plot and other fulcrum issues for our community.

Ishton Morton is the incumbent President of the Cincinnati branch of the NAACP, successor to Christopher Smitherman, a visionary leader seeking true liberty for Cincinnati residents.  Rob Richardson, Sr., a local union boss, seeks to unseat Morton in an election that has been twice postponed due to interference from the national office.

The national NAACP organization, and Richardson's son, Rob Richardson, Jr., have teamed up to seize control of the Cincinnati Chapter from President Morton, changing the voting location, changing the rules, and refusing proper notice to members.  In other words, they are trying every dirty trick in the book to avoid Morton's election.

Today, the local NAACP branch sued the national and Richardson, Jr. to stop the rummied-up election scheduled for Saturday.  The hearing is tomorrow at 8:30 AM before Judge Steve Martin. Stay tuned.

You may read about the suit here.

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