Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Attorney, WXIX help expose fraud in North College Hill

COAST's legal team has been monitoring and helping whistleblowers in the City of North College Hill to stop fraud and abuse by its City fathers, the Mayor and City Manager.  Their conduct is truly abusive.  We are glad it is getting attention:

  • The City Manager and his wife, as economic development director, combined their salaries to pump up the retirement benefits of the husband.  It simply is cheating the State retirement system.  Judge Ruehlman warns the conduct could be criminal fraud.
  • Then, the City Manager awarded his friend a $65 per hour contract after City Council rejected the same contract 6-2 because it was not competitively bid.
Channel 19 covers it here.

The County Prosecutor and the State Retirement Board need to act on the matters.

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