Friday, September 19, 2014

Arrogance, stupidity combine to secure win against City of Maple Heights, OH

For the past six weeks, the Law Director and City Council of the City of Maple Heights, Ohio have refused to follow their duties under the Constitution of the State of Ohio by placing on the ballot a Charter Amendment limiting the use of red light and speeding cameras in their fair City.  The citizenry had obtained a sufficient number of signatures to secure ballot access, but the City fathers just did not seem to care.

So COAST did what COAST does, and we sued them.

You never quite know what the Courts will do with a case -- especially when you are fighting City Hall -- even one where the law is crystal clear and quite developed.

But we were aided in this case immeasurably by a arrogant and stupid Law Director and City Council.  Their defense at the Ohio Supreme Court -- notwithstanding language in the Constitution requiring them to act "forthwith" -- was that they did not have time "to get around to it."

The Ohio Supreme Court jammed them 6-0 today.  You can read our attorneys' write-up of the matter, with links to the decision, here.

You can read between the lines, but the arrogance of City fathers, combined with their stupidity, aided our cause immeasurably.

Justice prevails -- at least for one day.

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