Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's been a month...time for that first Streetcar status report

Cincinnati City Council voted on June 26 to fully fund the Cincinnati Streetcar project, adding an additional $26.5 million to the project plot.  (It has been reported as $17.4 million, but read here why this is false.

At the same time, Council tried to lessen the political blowback by emphasizing that this time they are going to properly manage the project, hiring the "Savior" of the Streetcar project John Deatrich and requiring the administration to provide monthly updates to the Council on progress for the project.  Presumably this means measures to determine its performance relative to budgetary issues and established timelines, and progress towards finally developing an operating budget for the boondoggle.

But, we have not seen or heard of such report.  COAST is preparing a public records request asking for the same.  Stay tuned!

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