Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Enquirer Congressional endorsements are bizarre

Southwest Ohio is the home of John Boehner, speaker of the United States House of Representatives, arguably one of the three most powerful elected officials in the nation.

For some, it is a source of pride.  For others it might be the source of significant criticism.  But for a respectable hometown newspaper, it ought to elicit some strong commentary one way or the other.

Not for the Enquirer editorial page.  The home of John Boehner had only this to say in their 2012 "endorsements":
Boehner has been the House leader since 2010, guiding what is at times an unruly delegation. While he was speaker of the House, the approval rating for Congress, as measured by the Gallup Poll, fell to 10 percent, partly because of partisan gridlock. That’s not all on Republican Boehner and the GOP-controlled House, of course. It takes two to maintain gridlock, and the Democratic-controlled Senate is as much to blame.

But this election is an opportunity to begin again and Boehner will be in a position to lead. He may or may not be elected speaker in the next Congress, which convenes in January. But either way, he’ll be influential. And with no serious challengers on the horizon in his home district, we expect him to take some risks and lead toward the middle.
Likewise, the paper had virtually no enthusiasm for or against Congressman Steve Chabot and Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup, who certainly will be the star of the Freshman class in the House this year.

Literally, the opinion piece had nothing interesting, creative, or controversial to say about these three fine candidates.  Yet, every two years they managed to make excuses for their pet Congressman Jean Schmidt.  Thank God she's been defeated so we don't have to read their biannual apologia on their OH-2 favorite.

For COAST, we say that we have had some policy disagreements with John Boehner, especially on spending and the debt limit, but still we are bursting with pride for all three of our local Republican nominees and endorse them heartily for election. 

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