Monday, April 23, 2012

It's time for Charlie Rangel to go as well

The NYT has the background here.

A key mark of success of any political party, movement, and people (and profession for that matter) is the ability to self-cleanse.

In a largely Republican district for example, the ability of the local parties and constituent groups, to oust a corrupt, unethical leader, shows the confidence, strength, and moral fortitude to make good decisions going forward -- about who will be their leaders and what decisions they will make.

Thus, the ability of the voters of the Second Congressional District of Ohio to oust Jean Schmidt in the middle of her corruption scandal in Congress and in the Courts, was an indicator of the strength of character of the local voters and GOP-affiliated organizations to overcome the inertia and figurative fortresses that surrounded the scoundrel.  And they threw the bum out!

Well, since the official censure of Charlie Rangel in the well of the House of Representatives by then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi in December of 2010, the voters of New York's Congressional District centered in Harlem have not had their say.  In June they will.  And as the linked Times article shares, there are three eminently qualified candidates challenging Rangel, two African American, and one Hispanic.  As the district now tilts Latino, the article posits, the Hispanic candidate has the edge.

COASTers are largely Republican, with a few libertarians sprinkled in.  Still, we hope for the best for the Congress, and for Democrats, that they can clean the dirtiest out of their system, and restore some honor to this Country and the Congress, even when we disagree.

Respectfully, despite whatever good he has done, and how folksy and friendly he is, Charlie Rangel has dishonored this nation and the Congress and needs to go.  We wish our Democrat friends the best in booting him from the Congress.

If they can, the twin defeats of Rangel and Schmidt will send a signal to Republicans and Democats that, even though the House Ethics Committee is a toothless, pathetic whitewash Committee,  unethical shenanigans in Congress will not be tolerated by voters.

And that fear, if nothing else, will temper the more outrageous manifestations of their corruption.


  1. Is it a testament to our poor character that me and my kid campaigned hard for Jean Schmidt? We have no problem with unethical Congressmen. Go Charlie!

  2. Formerly-anonymous coward CincyCapellApril 24, 2012 at 6:53 PM

    Unethical wingnut!!!! Oh wait, this is a Democrat so what he did was ok. It's the Repugnicants fault for putting Rangel through this ordeal. Gotta run, my fat wife is hungry again.

    Mr. Craig Hochscheid


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